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What 10 things you should NOT do when you come to Barcelona on vacation?

If it is the first time that you are going to come to Barcelona on vacation or spend a few days, or even if you have already stayed here but you wish to have further details, you might want to know:

1. Tapas and Sangría are famous but we recommend you that both things cannot be the only meals you taste when you will be around. We recommend you tasting the Catalan cuisine. Ask our Receptionists they will recommend you the best places to enjoy the typical Catalan dishes.

2. Do not order paella for dinner: We know it is a typical dish but better at lunchtime and ask our team to recommend you the best places.

3. If you come to Barcelona on vacation with the intention of visiting the Basilica de la Sagrada Familia, do not forget to buy tickets online in advance. The queues to visit it can be very long and they can even tell you that everything is already full for that day. Better to be cautious!

Sagrada Familia, Barcelona de vacaciones

4. Do not think of not looking up when you walk through the city, you could lose the architecture of the buildings.

Casa Punxes, alojamiento en Barcelona centro

5. Do not leave valuables without vigilance in public transport, restaurants or outdoor cafes. Pickpockets take advantatge of the curious people in so many cities!

6. Do not bring valuables to the beach.

7. If your stay includes some festivities days in the ciy, you might be lucky to see Castellers. Do not miss that! It is a spectacular human castle that it will leave you speechless. Do not talk or applaud until the anxaneta raises her hand, the concentration is maximum and they need absolutaly silence.

La Mercé 2018, céntrico hotel Barcelona

8. If you come to Barcelona on vacation in spring or summer, do not walk around the city without a shirt, even if you’re very hot. It can be fined. .

9. Here cheese and ham sandwiches are called “Bikini”, which means swimsuit.

10. Barcelona is sometimes call “Barna” b,ut do not shorten the name of the city with the word “Barça”. Barça is only used to define Futbol Club Barcelona, the most important soccer team in the city.

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