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What is The Caganer?

(The name “El Caganer” literally means “the crapper” or “the shitter”)

Barcelona is now already full of Christmas. The Christmas lights already preside over the most popular streets and avenues of the city, the shop windows already have Christmas motifs and Santa Llúcia (the emblematic Christmas fair that every year is located on the Cathedral square) is now open again. So up to you if you want to enjoy Barcelona in Christmas times, we encourage you to book at our hotel in the center of Barcelona and enjoy a fun and intimate Christmas atmosphere in our city.

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But today we especially want to tell you about a very peculiar part of our tradition … we do want to introduce you (if you do not already know it) to our funny character “El Caganer”.

You will be able to find it very easily in the Fira de Santa Llucia or in Souvenir shops …

Over time, the figure of the Caganer has evolved and if previously it was the typical countryman with the typical Catalan barretina (it is the hat in the shape of a bag with a semicircular end used to cover the head), nowadays it is more often usual to see famous people playing El Caganer … always in the same position (as you can see in the image)


Caganer Donald Trump

Its origin is confused to the point that it is unknown where it comes from exactly.
Anyway, despite the eschatological part of the character, it is not an offensive or rude to have it. According to tradition, the Caganer is returning to the earth what it comes from it, fertilizing the land of the manger and making it fertile for the following year. Therefore, it is considered a symbol of health and prosperity and also which brings happiness for Christmas.

We hope you to enjoy your stay in our city and that you find the most original Caganer and, obviously, that you place it in your Navity scene.

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